Comma hits Belgium

8 May

Dear readers,

Last week I was invited to the occial press opening of the first Belgian Comma store in Antwerp.

Store openings are most often the equivalent of good food, nice music and seeing co-bloggers and press people for a lovely chat.This was no exception: GREAT food, a live performance, free hair & make-up and the company of my sweet fellow bloggers!

I planned to stay only for an hour or so but in the end I was there for 3 full hours, as it was so much fun seeing everyone again after abeing absent a few months in the fashion circuit, due to hectic work schedules.

Comma is a part of a German fashion concern which also has S.Oliver in his portfolio. By consequence, they have created the Comma store as a part of the big renewed S.Oliver store on the Meir, they do have separate entrances but you can easily walk from one shop into the other part and therefore combine both collections in the dressing room.Comma is a bit more expensive than S.Olliver and for that reason maybe a bit more suited for the already working women ‘or bring a sponsor, that also works!).

Below some pictures of the new store, where we saw lots of bright (flower) prints, casual chino trousers and coloured blazers in fuchsia, orange, green and more! Me likey!

Ofcourse, no shop can officially be opened without me buying at least one (in this case : MORE) items from the new collections.

To see my loot, you’ll have to wait a few days, as the weather was not allowing any outfit posts for the last few days, BOE! But I promise, they will appear soon enough!

What do you think of the new shop?

Adress :

Meir 32-36
2000 Antwerp

With love, Nona

2 Responses to “Comma hits Belgium”

  1. Jil May 8, 2012 at 18:38 #

    Seems like I definitely have to return to Antwerp. In my eyes, this is the city of Belgium with the most interesting shops! Comma is also a really nice brand!

    Greetings from the German speaking Part of Belgium,

    • flemishfashionfreaks May 8, 2012 at 19:16 #

      Hi Jill, Antwerp is really worth the visit, we have everything here from Forever 21 to Dries Van Noten ! If you need any tips or specific adresses, just give me a shout!
      With love, Nona

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